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[title] Truck & Ute Lighting
[description] High performance equipment to light the way

With a wide range of accessories for the best and biggest trucks and utes, you'll be sure to find the lighting accessories you need at Upfitter. Stay safe on the road with the right lighting for your truck or ute. Discover our full range of globes and electrical accessories, enjoy shopping inclusions such as light bars, LED bar lights, spot lights, light strips, light bars, driving lights and many more. For the best long range driving lights, consider LED light bars or LED spot lights to get you moving. Among the advantages of LEDs are their bright white light, improved visibility in all directions, and no need to dip the high beam. With advanced beam patterns, our range of LED lights pack a punch in a range of beautiful designs and high quality so you’re never left in the dark. Enjoy a longer light lifespan, with easy to install lighting options, available in a range of cool and warm colour toned bulbs to match every need. 

With brands like
Bushranger 4x4, Go Rhino, AVS, Rigid Industries and more, our range of truck and ute lighting and accessories are designed to fit your vehicle with ease. Luminate your journey with added functionality and utility. Keep your headlights clear and bright with exterior care and cleaning items to keep your truck in top form. Find the latest lighting products to fit your vehicle, with guaranteed high quality items to elevate your vehicle. Looking for more ways to stay safe on the road? To store your load, protect valuables and keep organised, browse our exterior selection for a wide range of premium ute and truck accessories. For nights out on the long, stretchy road, ensure optimum safety with the latest bullbars in addition to long distance lighting. Start a chat to get in touch with our friendly team for expert advice, specific to your vehicle and Up Your Game!