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Upfitting is for those who don’t just own their trucks. They know their trucks. Independent, they take charge of their vehicles, two hands on the wheel, seeking out the right accessories to help them build their personalised utility. But until now, finding authentic, trusted vehicle accessories made to the same standards as RAM and other full-size utes hasn’t been easy. 

So we built Upfitter. 

Upfitter is an Australian-based online marketplace, designed and built to house our own range of accessories for vehicle fitment, as well as those that we’ve sourced from some of the most respected manufacturers around the world. From bullbars to brakes, shocks to struts, we’ve assembled a collection of the world’s best truck and full-size ute accessories. 


Upfitter. Built by you.

Upfitter exists to empower truck and full-size ute owners in the process of customisation by offering premium, highly-functional accessories and advice for vehicle fitment. 

We manufacture high-quality accessories under the Upfitter brand and have built a range of exterior and interior products for truck upfitters, with both lifestyle and performance collections to suit. 

We also source products from other leading brands – products we consider to be the finest and most trusted from the world’s best manufacturers. If it comes from Upfitter, it means it's an accessory we’ve tested and loved. When you see the Upfitter logo on a product, you know it’s tried-and-true. 

Upfitter supports a culture of innovation and is excited to share emerging product technologies directly with truck owners. To build on our existing knowledge, our Research & Development Team has spent time in the US to better understand the capabilities of existing accessory technologies. And to develop a range that responds directly to the needs of truck owners in Australia & New Zealand. 

Produced by the same group charged with remanufacturing RAM Trucks for Australian and New Zealand conditions, Upfitter accessories are expertly-engineered from first-hand knowledge and factory experience. We work directly with our industry’s most respected manufacturers, and as a result, our accessories are built to last. 

Upfitter. Made by the best. Sourced by us. Built by you. 




Backed by the best.

The Upfitter brand is a development of independent automotive distributors group, Ateco. With Upfitter, Ateco extends its expertise in leading local and international vehicle manufacture and engineering into direct-to-customer vehicle accessories. 

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