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[title] Truck & Ute Fuel Locks
[description] Accessories to secure your liquid asset
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With the increased fuel prices over the last decade and the ease with which thieves can steal your fuel, it is becoming all too common to have your fuel siphoned, resulting in either a loss of funds or being completely stranded. Most vehicles come stock with a fuel cap that is not lockable and makes it easy for thieves to steal your fuel, so investing in a lockable fuel cap is undoubtedly something to consider. 

Lockable Fuel Caps on Offer at Upfitter

Upfitter offers a range of fuel caps, from a regular locking fuel tank cap from Stant to a stylish, Aluminium Lockable Chrome Fuel Door.


Should I buy a lockable fuel cap?

Lockable gas caps are not necessary for every vehicle; however, they can ease your mind and reduce any potential fear of having your fuel stolen. Lockable fuel caps are strongly recommended for people living in areas with high crime or those planning a trip to a remote area that could leave them stranded if they were to have their fuel stolen.

Are locking gas caps universal

Different vehicles require different lock caps, so double-check that the desired fuel cap fits your vehicle. Another important thing to remember is whether your car runs on diesel or petrol as its fuel source, which will influence your purchase too.

Do lock caps provide any further benefits?

Factory fuel doors don't usually offer much in the style department, but there is a quick fix. These replacement chrome fuel doors look amazing, come in many finishes to compliment any truck, and are tough as nails.

Solid lockable fuel caps also assist in keeping dust from your petrol tank and help to regulate pressure within the fuel tank, perfect for those long road trips or stints in remote areas of the globe.