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[title] Truck & Ute Wheels and Tires
[description] Customise your ride for performance, adventure or street style. Find the latest looks from Fuel, KMC and XD here.
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Give your truck or ute an instant update with a new set of wheels. Fresh wheels will ensure your vehicle meets every challenge, whether for off-road adventures through some of Australia’s harshest terrain or for everyday use of work and play. Upfitter has a range of wheels suitable for all types of vehicles, from 4x4 wheels, jeep wheels or Ram 1500 wheels. 

Whether you’re looking to replace damaged wheels or considering an upgrade, Upfitter has a great selection of brands including Bushranger 4x4, FUEL, KMC, XD and our very own Upfitter selection. 

Our supply of wheels includes heavy-duty cast aluminium that’s lightweight but durable on or off the asphalt. Choose from a wide variety of vehicles with an array of sizes, backspacing and bolt patterns to ensure proper fitment. To match any aesthetic, choose from matte or gloss wheel options in a range of styles and designs. All our wheels have heavy-duty strength to fit a high load capacity. If you’re looking for the best off-road wheels Australia has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. 

To care for your wheels, explore our must-have wheel accessories to ensure you’re never in a muddy situation. From tire gauges to tire deflators, be road-ready and prepared to take on any unexpected repairs. 

Ensure your suspension is fine tuned for the full weight bearing of your vehicle to minimise any damages. Looking to update your tires, too? Shop our tires to complete your new set-up and explore further.