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[title] Truck Exterior Accessories & Mods

Give your vehicle that custom look with our range of exterior mods. Upfit with our bull bars, side steps and tonneau covers....and that's just the beginning 


With our range of premium ute and truck exterior accessories, you can roam far and wide – in style! From icy mountains to muddy ravines, our range of external accessories will make sure that your next adventure is a success. Increase your vehicle’s carrying capacity on workdays and weekends with our range of versatile roof racks. Easy to install, you’ll enjoy being able to transport bulky items without the fuss. Roof racks are a must-have for anyone who loves camping, fishing, skiing or taking the family on bike rides. Our soft and hard tonneau cover options will secure your gear while minimising wind resistance to help save on petrol costs. Plus they’ll keep your gear protected from the weather, while making sure you don’t lose anything while you’re on the road.

For those who take their off-road adventures seriously, our ute and truck exterior accessories will help you out when the going gets tough. A winch will get you out of a sticky situation if you ever need to pull your vehicle out of a bog or a ditch, while a bull bar provides added protection for the front of your truck. Mud flaps are another essential item for anyone who loves driving on dirt tracks, as they will protect your vehicle from being hit with flying dirt and debris. Our range of fixed and electric retractable sidesteps make it easy to climb in and out of your ute, plus they act as another form of protection from flying mud and gravel. Whatever the adventure, you’ll be able to conquer it!