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[title] Truck & Ute Splash Guards & Mud Flaps
[description] Exterior protection for off-road adventures 
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If you love going for exhilarating drives off the beaten track, mud flaps are an essential investment. A quality set of hard-wearing mud flaps will protect your vehicle from any dirt, mud, gravel or debris that can get kicked up by your tyres. Truck and ute mud flaps protect the underside of your vehicle while also preventing damage to the exterior. The two types of wheel protection you can get are mud flaps and fender flares. Both do the same thing: they minimise the spray of mud, water, dirt and rocks while you drive. The difference is that mud flaps hang down behind the tyre, while fender flares are fitted around the wheel frame. Fender flares will give your ute or truck a distinctive look: browse our range of flares to find a style to suit your vehicle. 

Offering excellent protection for off-road adventures, our range of truck and
ute mud flaps will stand up to even the toughest demands. Designed to withstand any weather condition, our mud flaps and guards are made from impact-resistant, flexible and resilient materials. They can be fitted to most models, plus they’re extremely easy to install – just screw them in and off you go! We’ve also got a wide range of all-terrain truck and ute tyres to choose from, making your outdoor adventures even smoother. Plus you can customise your ride with our range of wheels in a variety of striking designs. At Upfitter, we enable and empower all owners to personalise and customise their vehicles.