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[title] Truck & Ute Bed Steps
[description] Load up with ease with bed steps and bed extenders from Weathertech and AMP

There are plenty of options to make life easier when on the road or assist in making your work vehicle safer and user friendly. You may invest in a bed tray, roof racks or a canopy to make your vehicle effective. One simple, but very effective add-on to your truck is a bed step. Bed steps are a great way to grant you access to the back of your tray. Whether you are a construction worker trying to grab hard-to-reach tools, a parent with kids constantly playing in the tray or you get off the beaten track and need some assistance with your storage, a bed step is a great way to make accessibility possible.

All bed steps achieve the same purpose, to increase access to your truck bed. Although, they each feature various characteristics such as:

  • The length of each product and how it fits on a specific car. Some bed steps are about a foot in length and retract, meaning they are only on display when in use. Other alternatives are more permanent and include cab-length bed steps.
  • The weight capacity of each bedstep. Ensure you purchase a bed step with enough weight capacity to protect yourself from injury and limit the risk of damaging your vehicle or items. 
  • The location on the vehicle the bed step will be used. Bed steps can be placed on the towbar, driver's side or passengers side so it is important to plan ahead and purchase a bed step that is designed for the right part of your vehicle.

If you are after a retractable, flip-down bed step then the AMP Research Bed Step 2 is the best option for someone looking for a bed step located on the side of their truck's cargo box. Featuring a large step pad and 300 pounds of weight support, this is a heavy duty bed step perfect for all of life’s adventures.

The WeatherTech BumpStep XL is the perfect option for a high-quality bed step that won't break the bank. With bumper protection and 300 pound max weight, it is a great affordable option.