SAAS Drive Electronic Throttle Controller | Fits Jeep Wrangler JL - STC103

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SAAS-Drive Throttle Controller

Time to Unleash your vehicle's potential!
SAAS Automotive are excited to release the latest addition to our range of Performance and 4WD accessories: the Trax by SAAS SAAS-Drive Electronic Throttle Controller.


  • Simple Plug'n'play installation (does not require access to OBD ports)
  • Mode select button for easy switching between modes
  • Sensitivty adjustment for on the fly tuning
  • Light Sensor - changes display illumination based on ambient light

Whether you're looking to improve your fuel economy, towing ability or simply to have a more responsive throttle feel, the Trax by SAAS SAAS-Drive Electronic Throttle Controller is about the best bang-for-buck accessory you can find.

5 distinct driving modes to choose from, the Trax by SAAS SAAS-Drive can be adjusted to suit any driving style by offering:

  • Comfort mode
  • Sport mode
  • Performance mode
  • Eco mode
  • Original (OEM) mode

SAAS-Drives New Car Warranty and Insurance FAQs:

Will fitting a SAAS-Drive affect my vehicle's new car warranty?
No. Vehicle manufacturers are required to fix manufacturing faults on vehicles during the defined warranty period. The fitment of quality accessories and vehicle upgrades does not affect this obligation unless it can be proved that the modification caused the fault.
SAAS Automotive has undertaken extensive testing and quality control work to ensure its products meet the highest possible standards.

Will fitting a SAAS-Drive affect my insurance?
It is strongly recommended that you advise your insurer of any modification(s) made to your vehicle.

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