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Stant® fuel caps have an OE (original equipment) pressure relief valve that prevents fuel vapors from exiting the fuel system under normal operating conditions. This allows an escape path for pressure if there is an impact that causes the fuel tank to collapse, and also allows pressure to be released if there is a malfunction in the vapor management system.

An OE vacuum relief prevent fuel vapors from escaping from the fill tube during normal operation, allowing an alternate path for air to flow into the tank if there is an obstruction in the vapor recovery or vapor management system. This also allows the air pressure to normalize during natural vacuum situations.


  • Fuel caps made of sturdy, long-life materials which have all original equipment features AND a key-operated lock to protect the vehicle from fuel theft and vandalism.

  • Keyed alike versions are available for small fleets or consumers with more than one vehicle. Stant caps are unique because they are the only aftermarket caps to include all safety features and valving of the original equipment caps.

  • OE Pressure relief prevents fuel vapors from exiting the fuel system under normal operating conditions. This allows an escape path for pressure in the event of an impact situation where the fuel tank has collapsed. It also permits pressure to escape if the vapor management system malfunctions.


  • RAM 1500 Express DS Crew Cab
  • RAM 1500 Express DS Quad Cab
  • RAM 1500 Warlock DS Crew Cab

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9 Reviews

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  • John Riseborough

    21st Sep 2023

    Fuel cap

    Just what I was chasing as Ram doesn't come with a locking cap.

  • Sharon Wemyss

    24th Aug 2023

    Peace of mind

    Gives a little peace knowing our fuel is locked up since having the tray back fitted to the 2022 DS 1500 Quad Cab.

  • Sharon Wemyss

    14th Aug 2023

    Peace of mind

    We can relax now and know it's not quite so easy to have our fuel stolen from the Ram. Perfect fit and Upfitter despatched very quickly.

  • John Smith

    18th Nov 2022

    Great cap

    Easy open super easy close

  • Mick Schmidt

    14th Sep 2022

    Locking fuel cap for DS ram

    Great service and excellent price

  • Greg Butto

    9th Apr 2022

    Ram locking petrol cap

    New ,locking petrol fits and locks as required. Similar to original petrol cap with a 1/4 turn to lock it shut, then 1/4 turn of key. Used on 2018 Ram, petrol vehicle. Arrived amazingly quick, well packaged within 36 hours.

  • Darren

    24th Mar 2022

    Stant locking fuel cap

    Works as expected

  • John Avard

    4th May 2021

    Locking fuel cap

    Fits and looks good

  • Melissa

    31st Mar 2021

    Fuel Cap

    I was worried about getting my fuel stolen, this fitted first time and now I can relax. Delivery and service was great - Thanks