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[title] Truck & Ute CB UHF Radios
[description] Browse our range of portable and mounted CB UHF Radios by world re-nouned Uniden 


UHF (Ultra High Frequency) radios are essential communication devices that are used in a variety of industries and applications, including construction, transportation, and outdoor recreation. They provide reliable, clear communication and are widely recognised for their versatility, durability, and ease of use. When searching for a UHF radio for your truck, there are a few options available, including handheld and car-mounted units and various models from popular brands like Uniden.


UHF radios come in different wattage levels, with 5W being the most common for handheld units. The range of a UHF radio can vary based on the wattage and other factors, such as the environment and obstacles. Generally, a 5W UHF radio can range up to 10-15 kilometres, depending on the conditions. The range can be extended by using an external antenna, which can be attached to the radio to increase its reach. UHF radio frequencies and channels vary by country, with Australia having a specific set of frequencies and channels authorised for use. Choosing a UHF radio that is compatible with the authorised frequencies in your country is crucial for effective communication and compliance with local regulations.

When choosing a UHF radio, there are many factors to consider, including the intended use, budget, and features. Some popular brands in the market include GME, Uniden, and Jaycar. Uniden is a reputable brand that offers a range of UHF radios with features like weather alerts, GPS tracking, and noise cancelling. 

UHF radios are a crucial tool for effective communication in various industries and activities. With the range of options available, including handheld, car-mounted, and kits, there is a UHF radio to meet every need. When choosing a UHF radio, consider your budget, intended use, and the authorised frequencies and channels in your area to ensure you select the best option for you.

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