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[title] Compressors

If you plan a remote road trip, you must include an air compressor in your packing list. A compressor will save you or fellow travellers when you least expect it and help you inflate tyres, camping accessories, blow up mattresses or even reset a tyre onto a wheel. If you embark on a remote road trip without an air compressor, you risk being stranded with a flat tyre. 

The most common use for an air compressor is to deflate your tyres before heading out onto soft terrains such as sand or dirt to prevent tyre damage and increase rider comfort. Although deflating tyres is possible without a compressor, you will need one to re-inflate them when you reach a hard surface again. 

The Bushranger Max Air Compressor has been engineered and designed for quick and easy use and is a great option to have in most trucks on trips.


Why do I need an air compressor?

An air compressor is one of the best investments you can make on your car, whether you own a 4x4 or not. The ability to monitor your tyres' air pressure allows for maximum safety and aids in the longevity of your vehicle.

Although you can top up the air pressure at your local servo, you run the risk of faulty equipment and inaccurate readings. If you are going to be in a remote area, the service station may not have an air pump at all. 

What else can I use an air compressor for?

An air compressor can allow you to use a broader range of tools, which is ideal for a job site and maintenance on the road. Air compressors also help in cleaning out dirt and dust from your car. One quick blast and it will remove any dirt or sand from under the bonnet.

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