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[title] Truck & Ute Grille
[description] Upgrade the face of your truck with grille and emblem accessories. 

The grille is a piece of trim found between the headlights of your vehicle that is often designed in a mesh pattern and made of various types of metal or plastic. The car's grille adds character and flare to your vehicle while allowing air to flow in and out of the car. 

What are the Benefits of a Car Grille?

Improved Air Circulation

The grille on your vehicle protects your truck from bumps and scratches while allowing air to pass through to the engine. Air that passes through the grille cools what's below the bonnet and assists the radiator in cooling your engine. Most would be under the impression that the radiator does all the cooling, and while this is true for the most part, it relies on the cool air passing through the grille to assist in cooling the engine. 

Helping the Aerodynamics of your vehicle

The grille on your vehicle also allows for better aerodynamics of your truck. Without a grille on the car, air resistance would build up against it and impact its speed and fuel efficiency and cause further structural problems down the track.

Improve the look of your truck

A stylish grille makes a strong statement and helps your truck stand out. Think of a Rolls Royce, the key feature of the exterior is its impactful grille that is both bold and beautiful. 

How to Clean your Car's Grille?

Cleaning the grille of your car is a chore but something you should prioritise. The grille is the first point of contact for all sorts of bugs, debris and dust you drive through on the road. The grille is also the portal to your engine, the heart of your vehicle, so you must keep it clean. 

Luckily, it isn't too hard to give your grille a good clean, and you can do it pretty quickly at home, get a microfibre cloth with some soap and a clean towel for drying the grille when it is finished. If your vehicle has a honeycomb-styled grille, you may need to use a smaller brush to get inside the crevices, but it is still the same process.

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