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[title] Truck & Ute Bodykit
[description] From hood scoops to engine covers, flares and side skirts. You'll find functionality, style and performance needs covered right here.

Body kits are typically used to improve the appearance of your vehicle, but in the truck world, they add a layer of protection and functionality to your vehicle. Adding a body kit to your truck can help protect it in the long term, increasing your car's longevity, and adding safety to your vehicle, especially if you are driving off-road.

Whilst traditional body kits are designed to improve the look of your vehicle, they typically offer no protective value. However, the range we stock at Upfitter is designed to enhance your vehicle and improve the longevity of your truck, all while improving the driving experience. From heat reduction hoods to window deflectors, there is something for every truck enthusiast in our range of body kits.

If you are constantly driving in scorching locations such as across the Nullarbor in summer, then the AEV Ram Heat Reduction Hood is a must-have. Blending aggressive styling with real world functionality, this hood not only looks epic but it also protects your vehicle.

Another must have accessory for users driving out of the city is a hood protector. The WeatherTech Hood Protector is a great option for drivers doing long hours over highways, and protects the hood of your vehicle from debris as well as bugs sticking to your truck.

The rocker panels on your truck are incredibly delicate and whilst most parts of your vehicle will withstand bumps, scratches and corrosion, your rocker panels condition will be impacted over time. Due to the location of the rocker panels, they will often be impacted by rocks, debris or other hard obstacles, especially off road. Bushwackers Trail Armor Truck Rocker Panel Cover protects your rocker panels from damage and looks slick, while offering a great addition to your truck, especially if you do a lot of off-road driving.